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Introduction of Macropuff Company


AMT Manufacturing  Co. is the result of the thought and ambition of an engineer Which was established in 2015.
The goal of the company is to produce fresh and healthy food. We came up with this approach in the difficult field of production.At the outset, the production of semi-ready microwave popcorn was selected as a novelty and a healthy diet.
The R&D unit gained technical know-how in 18 months.
Construction of the machines was handed over to China’s industrial manufacturers and Within 6 months, production lines were prepared according to the presented designs.

At the same time, the preparation of the halls was carried out in accordance with the latest standards of the food industry on an area of ​​2,500 square meters in the industrial complex of Chenaran.
Eventually, in October, 2018, efforts were made and the pilot product was started. The final product was introduced in November after laboratory tests and obtaining health certificates.
The effort is continuing ….

Expect our new products in early future