Regarding the manufacturing company AMT, with the production of the new Microwaves popcorn, is ready to cooperate with traders to enter the export markets.

The product is a semi-ready popcorn that the consumer cook at home at the microwave and the puff seeds.

Our brand is “MACROPUFF“.

The product is packed in 100 grams envelopes in triple boxes. The dimensions of the box are 16 * 10 * 5 cm.

These boxes are in cartons of 12 packs in size 32 * 16 * 22 cm in gross weight 4 kg

The final package will be.

The benefits of this product:

1. The volume is very small, after baking, up to 25 times bigger.

2. Being fresh

3. Consumption date more than 15 months

4. No need to keep in the refrigerator

5. There is an Iranian certificate number 50/20450

6. Has various flavors of butter, pepper, barbecue, ketchup, sea salt and …

7. The ability to make a taste to the request

8.The ability to produce 60000 boxes per month

Product images have been attached.

Please let us know any questions you have about this.